You will learn how to connect to classroom PC's Remote Desktop form your Windows computer.

Pay attention to which classrooms are you connecting to

This guide is common for classroom RDP access. Some classrooms may not allow to use this service. Ask your teacher or Tech@PEF department about access possibility.

Connecting to Windows Remote Desktop

Windows Remote Desktop allows you to connect to a computer in FBE classroom.


You will need VPN connection to access RDP from outside of the university. VPN guide can be found here:


Log out after finishing your work. If you close the window, your remote session will not terminate and all your open programs will remain there, same as with locking your session. This may lead to problems for other users, because the applications are used by you.

Step 1: Launch Windows Remote Desktop

  1. Click on Start.
  2. Search for Remote Desktop Connection application (or Připojení ke vzdálené ploše in czech Windows version) and launch it. 

Step 2: Computer selection

  1. Insert complete name of the computer you want to connect to.
  2. Optional: Clicking on the arrow on the left gives you additional options, i.e. to change resolution and number of monitors used.
  3. Click on the connect button.


If you want to connect to a computer named smudla05, you have to enter it's name with mendelu domain name.

Step 3: Login

  1. Type in your login name. The account name is identical to the one in UIS. You need to prepend the AD domain name.
  2. Type in your password. Identical to UIS password.


You can write backslash by using keyboard shortcut Left Alt + 92.

Step 4: Certificate

  1. Confirm the certificate verification dialogue by clicking Yes.
  2. Optional: You can click on the checkbox on the left to remember your choice. Certificates are renewed on regular basis and you will be asked again.

Step 5: Direct login

Optional step

This step is not required on most classrooms. Some computers may require this step due to specific settings.

  1. Type in your login name without domain name. The account name is identical to the one in UIS.
  2. Type in your password. Identical to UIS password.
  3. Log in.